Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Hil Duff!

Helene in Between

I'm joining the Travel Tuesdays link-up for the first time today, yay!!

This is kind of a throw-back post, but it's probably one of my favorite days ever: August 27, 2007!  It was my 16th birthday and my best friends and I went to New York City to see/ meet Hilary Duff !!  We were part of her fan club, so we bought $300 meet&greet/ ticket bundles.  My friend Kaitlyn & I worked at a theme park all summer to afford it!

So Kaitlyn, her sister Melissa, their mom, Brittany, my mom and I all took a train to NYC bright and early that morning!  We decided to walk from the train station to Radio City Music Hall and just appreciate the city and the beautiful weather!  I had only been to NYC once before that, which is a little pathetic being that it's only like 2 hours away, but it was a lot of fun!  We didn't do much else though because we kind of spent all our $$ on tickets... oops

1st picture with Hilary of the day :P

Train chillin


The view from the fountain we hung out for 75% of the day
my claim to fame = being on hilaryduff.com

We waited in line for what felt like forever after we picked up our blue VIP wristbands.  Eventually we got inside and found our way to the M&G area!  We wanted to be last in line so we wouldn't be rushed, but we ended up being a few people before the end which was still fine!  I had to go first out of our group, which was incredibly nerve-wracking!  I was soo excited and she was super nice!  She signed my CD for me and then we took pictures.  After the regular smiling one, I worked up enough guts to ask for a funny picture!  She said of course, but right before my friend was about to take the picture, she made her stop to make sure I would be making a funny face too haha

Awkward hug but whatev
Funny faces!

The concert was awesome!  We had 2nd row seats I believe, which is by far the closest I've been to the stage with an assigned seat.  The other time I saw her live was in the wayy back and she looked like an ant or something.  But this time we were super close and she put on a great show!  Nothin like jammin' to Wake Up and Fly!!

The train ride home (at 2AM) was a little sad and scary.  We were exhausted and there were quite a few creepers on board who may or may not have been on drugs??  And what we had been looking forward to ALL SUMMER was over :(  Aaand the best part was I had my first day of driving in the morning at 8AM.  Needless to say I was a zombie and probably scared my instructor.  It was so worth it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Friday- 25 minute run (in the cold!!) with BMatt - it's awesome/ encouraging how much easier certain routes  feel now!  There was one 2 mile loop I'd do that I found challenging and it felt way easier after 7 weeks of training under my belt!  We finished at 2.59 miles, so our pace was a little faster than the 10min/mile we're expecting to do for the half! yay :)

Later, Becky & I went to Target.  I'm jealous because she walked out empty handed and I spent money but it was well worth it.. ZICO was on sale: 2 for $8 rather than $4.99 each and I simply couldn't pass it up!  I also tried an iced Hazelnut Macchiato from Starbucks because I bought my first Groupon ever - $10 Starbucks for $5 wooo!  As someone who loves iced caramel macchiatos, I definitely recommend the hazelnut - it wasn't really as sweet and super delicious!

I finished "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green!

I wasn't crazy about it at first, but I read a lot of it in the car home from Orlando so I kinda stuck it out.  I'm so glad I did!  It was an awesome book that everyone should check out!

I also attempted to recreate the Butter Beer from Universal with Brian.  This was absolutely the biggest cooking fail I've ever had.  We followed recipe #1 from here, except we couldn't find the rum extract...  I'm not really sure how much of a difference it would have made but ours tasted like straight up butter.  It was AWFUL, and it was even more awful trying to get the taste out of our mouths.  Bleh, I guess we'll just have to go back to Universal if we want butterbeer again!

my dreams of this were crushed.
Saturday- 8 mile run!! I forgot to mention that Friday Becky & I went to our local running store and asked about fuel!  We ended up getting a few things to try and compare on our long runs before the half.  About 60 minutes in, I took a Blueberry Pomegranate GU and it actually wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be!  I'm not sure how much of a difference it actually made, but I didn't really feel tired after I took it so I think that's good?  It was a little awkward though because I tried to run and take it and I ended up getting it like all over my face... that slowed us down a little.  Not to mention we hit pretty much every light, but that's okay!

After we all showered and got ready, we headed to Subway to get dinner on our way to see CARRIE UNDERWOOD & HUNTER HAYES!!

parking lot chillin


Hunter Hayes


Carrie on the flying stage

Hunter & Carrie singing "Leave Love Alone"

It was such an awesome concert, Hunter & Carrie were both soo good!  Can I just be Carrie Underwood/ her best friend, please?!

In September my roommates and I went to see Brad Paisley!  His fake Carrie had us totally fooled, everyone was freaking out because it looked like she was really there!  Carrie's fake Brad was not nearly as tricky.  Thank goodness, I'm not sure my heart could handle that kind of disappointment again ;)

Remind Me - Brad Paisley
Remind Me- Carrie Underwood
Sunday- The super nice spring weather from Saturday is long gone - it snowed..  And I did/ attempted to do a lot of homework and listened to Carrie/ Hunter so I could relive the concert in my mind :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!

What's the best concert you've been to?

Any running fuel recommendations?!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Hii everyone! I'm linking up with Ashley & Neely today for Sunday Social!

1. What is your favorite thing about spring?
I really like how it starts getting warmer and the trees get green again and all the flowers bloom! I love spring! And how even when its 60 degrees you'll see people (including me) in shorts and flip flops because it's such a relief from the freezing temperatures of winter!

2. What is your favorite kind of flower to grow or receive?
Sunflowers! Never grew them, but they are definitely my favorite flower :)

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
I think it's Essie Turquoise & Caicos? I cant' remember but besides that I mostly like pinks & corals!

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Running, hiking, Tech football games, walking around the park.. The first nice days of spring I like to just sit outside and do homework and enjoy it!

playing at the park (I prefer doing this in warmer weather) (we don't usually play with sticks)

Tailgating with Becky!

Tailgating with Julie.. sums us up pretty well :)

5. Do you have any fun spring plans? Details! :)
My roommates and I are running a half marathon in April, so we're training a lot! But besides that, nothing really specific - just enjoying my last spring semester (wahhh)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013


I've been seriously neglecting my blog, I promise I'll be better this weekend! I couldn't skip out on my favorite link-up though...

This song came on Fit Radio one day and I became (re)-obsessed, so I needed to share it.
Happy Friday!! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida Recap!

I had a case of the Mondays yesterday (and a bunch of homework that I didn't do over break) so I didn't get a chance to post, but here's a good ol' recap of my spring break!

Saturday:  We left around 6am to get gas and stop at the ATM (which was closed.. since when do ATMs close?!) and finally got on the road around 6:30.  According to google, the trip should take about 10.5 hours, but we ended up getting there around 6 due to stopping for gas/ food and traffic.  We stopped at one gas station in South Carolina and I saw a book titled "Cookin Yankees Ain't Et" and that's when I knew I was really in the south.  Once we arrived in Orlando we just hung out, went grocery shopping for the week and played games until we went to bed!

Had to try this... blood oranges are my favorite!
Sunday:  Since I skipped my long run on Saturday, I got up early and headed out for a 5 mile run with Kelley.  It was soo nice running in shorts and a tank top and it was especially nice because it was really flat!  She's training for a half marathon the weekend before mine so it was nice to have a running buddy.  Most of the guys went to a spring training game, so the rest of us just hung out by the pool.  I started reading Drop Dead Healthy and just relaxed in the sun!  Later that night we decided to all go in the hot tub/ pool!  We brought our classy red solo cups down with us and hung out in the hot tub with quite a few people who were old enough to be our parents.

My new friend
Monday and Tuesday were basically spent just hanging out in the resort by the pool/ hot tub.  Nothing too exciting but fun nonetheless!  It was REALLY windy for Tuesday's run, so it took Kelley and I ~10 minutes to run in one direction, and when we turned around it took us 3 minutes to get back... yeahhhhh.

Wednesday: We went to the beach in Clearwater!  It was reallyyy windy again but luckily Brian spotted an open windbreaker umbrella/tent thing?  So we snatched that up and it made it a million times better/ warmer. We only stayed for like 4 or 5 hours since we left kind of late and then got stuck in traffic.  And then we got stuck in even worse traffic on the way back.  I'm not the biggest fan of Florida traffic...

Thursday we went to Downtown Disney for their St. Patrick's Day celebration.  It was kind of too crowded and colder than we were expecting so we didn't stay that long.  We were looking for a bar to hang out at but everything was really busy, so we made reservations at one of the restaurants.  After the 11 of us had been seated, we took a look at the menu and saw that we had chosen somewhere WAY beyond our price range. We came to a unanimous decision that it would be best to just leave before a waiter came and go elsewhere rather than all ordering the cheapest thing on the menu and getting waters.  It was quite awkward..  Note to self: always look at the menu before you decide on a restaurant.

Friday we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure!  I love rollercoasters and I was really excited to go!  We also got there later than intended but it was fine as we still got to do pretty much everything we had wanted to.  I tried butterbeer and it was delicious!  I was never a huge Harry Potter fan but I still loved Harry Potter world and had a lot of fun!  The simulation ride was probably the coolest thing ever, I swear I sat there with the dumbest, most excited look on my face the whole time haha.

Saturday we had to leave at 10am :(  It ended up taking us 12 hours to get home because of lots of traffic in North Carolina.  We took an alternate route through the cutest town though so it was a nice change of scenery!

this gets old quick...
Sunday was a new PDR- 7 miles!  I honestly wasn't sure I could do it, but I did!  Becky and I ran around town in our green rain jackets to celebrate St. Paddy's day (and because it was drizzling).  It actually went really well, but I was reallly sore yesterday (mostly because I probably only stretched for 2 minutes).
7 miles later wooo!

Hope you're all having a great week!! :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Florida Bound!

See ya later Virginia... Florida here I come!

To-Read List :)
I'm soo excited for warm weather and the beach and pool and getting tan (who am I kidding, like that will happen)!  I'll even get to train outside, this is gonna be the best week ever!

I can't lie, part of me is bummed that I'm not going home for Spring Break like I have the past 3 years, but I figured 'hey, it's my last SB, might as well do something fun!'  So I am!  I'm also excited to spend time with Brian!  We don't always get to hang out as much as we want since we're both can get pretty busy with homework.  It's sure to be a great time! :)

Have a fabulous weekend and week!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest Post!!

Hey ya’ll. Kelly (the normal blogger behind the scenes) is out of commission you could say. Basically, her computer is making terrifying sounds and it won’t connect to the internet; a pretty awful situation for a college student, especially a blogger.  Although I guess it could be worse.  On a much brighter note, you all get the honor, and privilege, of listening (or reading I guess) my writing for today.  Lucky Ducks!

                Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Julie, Kelly’s roommate. 
Hi there!

Nice to meet you!  I’ve known Kelly for a long time now, 3 years to be exact.  We were roomies freshman year, and it was one of the greatest decisions she has ever made.  Yes, her mom did/does pay me to live with her.

                Now for the topic of today’s post: SNACKS!!  I love foods, and I am never one to turn down an opportunity to eat.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, basically me being a nut job and giving up my one true love, I cannot eat sweet for 23more days (but who is counting?).  Now,this is actually a BIG problem, seeing as chocolate usually makes up at least50% of my diet.  Luckily I have been adapting to the change in my diet, and actually learning to eat a bit healthier.

                Today,for instance, when Kelly and I went to Target (love that place), I decided to pick up some dried fruit.  I have to say,it was not a bad choice!!  Although the dried mango looks a little bit like a yellow human tongue (Kelly’s words, not mine), they taste pretty darn good!!  I am sold, my friends.  Maybe I will be able to incorporate this food into my normal diet come April 1st?  It is worth a shot!!

Yellow Tongue!!

What are some of your favorite snack foods (healthy and/or unhealthy)?

Has your computer ever composed a symphony of screeches?  

Not to steal Julie's thunder or anything, but this was absolutely necessary...

Still Fly by Big Tymers on Grooveshark

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwin' it backkk

Hey all!  I'm bringing a little Throwback Thursday to my blog!  My brain needs a break after my two exams (Microbial Physiology and Medical & Veterinary Entomology... fun & more fun) so I wanted to make a quick post that required minimal thinking ;)

This is the very first picture my roommates and I took together our freshmen year!  Becky & Julie were best friends in high school but I had only known them for maybe 2 weeks when this was taken?!  This was when we still acted normal around each other..
First football game!
Freshmen year was also when Jersey Shore was new & hip so naturally a few girls on my hall and I put bump-its in our hair and pretended to be guidettes for no reason... We were really strange.  (PS I'm writing this in public and some girl just looked at my screen and gave me a weird look.. haha oops guess it's a good thing I don't walk around like this...)
One time, Becky & I went to the mall because we "had nothing to wear" that night.  We went into PacSun and picked a few things out and somehow the guy convinced us to buy like half the store?!  I'm not sure how he did it but we both really liked this shirt and had to get it.. and wear it the same time.
that one time BMatt & I got the same shirt...
 Ahhh baby Ziggy when he first discovered toilet paper!  I wish he was still this tiny...

Except I didn't realize how awkward he looked until now haha

 I forgot that most of my pictures aren't on my computer anymore so I'll have to do this again some time!?

so close!

Happy almost Friday!!

In a few hours I will be done with my 2 exams and ready for Spring Break, woohoo!  I'll be headed to Florida for the beach/ sun/ warmth with my boyfriend, Brian, and some of his friends!  The only downside is once I'm back from break the rest of the semester is going to FLY by and I really just don't want to graduate yet!  Hopefully I can get a big girl job soon and make my transition into the real world (aka paying back all my loans) a little easier.  And then I can continue being roommates with my home girl BMatt and we can get kittens.

I would like to give credit to the 2k Radio station on FIT radio for keeping me on the treadmill for 30 minutes that training called for AND a little extra.  I might actually skip making my own playlist and just listen to their jams for the half marathon.  You really can't beat Nsync, JLo, (old school) Britney, Ja Rule, etc.

Please note the cows on the back window of this truck?!  Sorry about the poor quality, it was too cold to walk over haha.  But this was too interesting not to share!

You know you're in the country when...

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a great day! :)