Saturday, March 2, 2013


4th week of training is complete with a 5 mile run!!  Becky and I ran 45(!!!) laps around the indoor track.  It sounds really boring, but I promise it wasn't that bad!  We may or may not have not talked to each other all morning so that we'd have plenty to talk about to keep ourselves distracted...

But running with Becky is always 100x more fun than running alone and now we feel like rockstars!  Physically it went really well, I stopped once for water a little after 4 miles, but besides that I was feeling good!  13.1 is going to be a piece of cake!! (Hopefully?!)  I'm officially getting to distances I've never done before, 5 miles is the furthest I've ever gone and it's only gonna keep going up from here - YAY!

I'll leave this short and sweet and try to post something random later!  Hope you're having a GREAT weekend! :)

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