Monday, March 4, 2013

Belize Recap!

Just a warning, there are a lot of pictures ahead...

we made it!!
So January 1st I went to Belize for a week for a service learning trip!  To put it simply, it was an awesome experience!  I went with about 13 other students from Virginia Tech to Corozal where we were having a workshop to teach local teacher/ principals how to use Microsoft programs in their classrooms!  There was a beginner and an advanced group, and I helped out the beginners.  It was crazy to see that some of the people didn't know how to even double click or how unfamiliar the keyboard was to them.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience and it was really nice to get to know some of the teachers!

The workshop was in the morning the first 3 days, and in the afternoon on the first 2 days we went to a local elementary school to help repaint it!  There was a little shop next door that had puppies so I accidentally spent a lot of time looking at them.  Oops?

After the third day of the workshop we headed back to Belize City to catch a water taxi to Caye Caulker, a tiny island about 45 minutes away!  The ride to the water taxi was probably one of the highlights of the trip.  David, a Belizean, was driving our van and had the windshield wipers on really high when it was barely drizzling.  It became kind of a running joke for the rest of the ride when he kept them on and eventually got stuck!  And then it started raining again, of course.  I think it was probably one of those times "you had to be there" but it was hilarious.

On Caye Caulker we just hung out and went snorkeling and it was so much fun getting to know everyone in the group a little better!

sunrise from the first hotel!

self-timer fail...

painting a door 
Jersey & Junior liked helping!


don't worry, he didn't get stuck

Me & Becky!

Great marketing strategy?

Caye Caulker!

I got WAY too excited about this

And this.  I took one bite and knew I needed to take a picture

Yay rooftop yoga!!

I got really excited about these banana pancakes

And this random kitty

Becky holding the most delicious cake EVER

Fresh juice!

I miss the quesadillas

Becky & her friend Bagel (the stray dog)

Okay, I'm ready to go back now :)


  1. ahhhh we need to go back so we can eat all that food again! i could really go for the toast and apricot jelly! and bagel friend!!!! i hope he's doing well!

    1. American quesadillas just aren't the same! My only regret is not having them for lunch too!!

  2. These pictures are great, and those puppies! Ahhh I want them all, too adorable!

    1. Ahh I know they were so cute, I think if I knew how to get them back in the country I would've bought them all!