Friday, March 1, 2013

This feels like a Myspace survey...

Age - 21

Bed size - twin at school, full at home!

Chore you hate -Cleaning my room... bleh!

Dogs - I love them!  I can spend hours looking at puppy pictures... it's a problem (I recommend the Daily Puppy)

Essential start to your day - checking twitter!

Favorite color - teal! or pink

Gold or silver - gonna get picky and say white gold

Height - 5'5" ish?

Instruments you play - I used to play the clarinet, but now I don't play anything :(

Job title - Student at Virginia Tech!

Nicknames - I don't really have any?

Overnight hospital stays - 0 thank goodness!

Pet peeve - when people tailgate!

Righty or lefty - righty

Siblings - 1 half brother

Time you wake up - I like to get up at like 8!  But for class I wake up around 7

University attended - Virginia Tech.  YAY HOKIES :)

Vegetables you dislike - brussel sprouts, onions

What makes you run late - I'm that person who is always like 15 minutes early soo not much

X-rays you’ve had - none!

Yummy food - I could go on and on... Eggplant parm, NEW JERSEY PIZZA, chobani...

Zoo animal favorite - monkeys! and lions

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  1. I love white gold as well. Most of my cheap jewelry is silver but my engagement ring and our future wedding bands are white gold. :)

    New follower from Dream Mo(o)re