Thursday, March 7, 2013

Throwin' it backkk

Hey all!  I'm bringing a little Throwback Thursday to my blog!  My brain needs a break after my two exams (Microbial Physiology and Medical & Veterinary Entomology... fun & more fun) so I wanted to make a quick post that required minimal thinking ;)

This is the very first picture my roommates and I took together our freshmen year!  Becky & Julie were best friends in high school but I had only known them for maybe 2 weeks when this was taken?!  This was when we still acted normal around each other..
First football game!
Freshmen year was also when Jersey Shore was new & hip so naturally a few girls on my hall and I put bump-its in our hair and pretended to be guidettes for no reason... We were really strange.  (PS I'm writing this in public and some girl just looked at my screen and gave me a weird look.. haha oops guess it's a good thing I don't walk around like this...)
One time, Becky & I went to the mall because we "had nothing to wear" that night.  We went into PacSun and picked a few things out and somehow the guy convinced us to buy like half the store?!  I'm not sure how he did it but we both really liked this shirt and had to get it.. and wear it the same time.
that one time BMatt & I got the same shirt...
 Ahhh baby Ziggy when he first discovered toilet paper!  I wish he was still this tiny...

Except I didn't realize how awkward he looked until now haha

 I forgot that most of my pictures aren't on my computer anymore so I'll have to do this again some time!?

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  1. please do it again!! gosh my hair was so short and that was a great trip to pac sun hahaha! we need to wear those shirts again soon! graduation?!