Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Hil Duff!

Helene in Between

I'm joining the Travel Tuesdays link-up for the first time today, yay!!

This is kind of a throw-back post, but it's probably one of my favorite days ever: August 27, 2007!  It was my 16th birthday and my best friends and I went to New York City to see/ meet Hilary Duff !!  We were part of her fan club, so we bought $300 meet&greet/ ticket bundles.  My friend Kaitlyn & I worked at a theme park all summer to afford it!

So Kaitlyn, her sister Melissa, their mom, Brittany, my mom and I all took a train to NYC bright and early that morning!  We decided to walk from the train station to Radio City Music Hall and just appreciate the city and the beautiful weather!  I had only been to NYC once before that, which is a little pathetic being that it's only like 2 hours away, but it was a lot of fun!  We didn't do much else though because we kind of spent all our $$ on tickets... oops

1st picture with Hilary of the day :P

Train chillin


The view from the fountain we hung out for 75% of the day
my claim to fame = being on hilaryduff.com

We waited in line for what felt like forever after we picked up our blue VIP wristbands.  Eventually we got inside and found our way to the M&G area!  We wanted to be last in line so we wouldn't be rushed, but we ended up being a few people before the end which was still fine!  I had to go first out of our group, which was incredibly nerve-wracking!  I was soo excited and she was super nice!  She signed my CD for me and then we took pictures.  After the regular smiling one, I worked up enough guts to ask for a funny picture!  She said of course, but right before my friend was about to take the picture, she made her stop to make sure I would be making a funny face too haha

Awkward hug but whatev
Funny faces!

The concert was awesome!  We had 2nd row seats I believe, which is by far the closest I've been to the stage with an assigned seat.  The other time I saw her live was in the wayy back and she looked like an ant or something.  But this time we were super close and she put on a great show!  Nothin like jammin' to Wake Up and Fly!!

The train ride home (at 2AM) was a little sad and scary.  We were exhausted and there were quite a few creepers on board who may or may not have been on drugs??  And what we had been looking forward to ALL SUMMER was over :(  Aaand the best part was I had my first day of driving in the morning at 8AM.  Needless to say I was a zombie and probably scared my instructor.  It was so worth it.


  1. You, giving an awkward hug, what??? :P You should probably do this again for your 22nd birthday and bring your boomies! I'm still incredible jealous of this!!!!!

  2. haha this is awesome!! what a fun time, I used to love me some hilary duff! love the funny faces pic.

  3. Looks like a great time! I love NYC and am going back in May! :)

  4. Lizzie McGuire was my fiance's crush back in middle school, hahah.... love it. She sounds like a fun girl! :)

  5. What an exciting trip!! I have never met a celebrity, so I think I would be extremely nervous too!!

  6. Such a great memory to have with your friends!! How fun!