Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday! {freshmen part 1}

In less than a month, I will be a college graduate.  I even bought my cap and gown and graduation dress.  OH MY GOODNESS.  It's really happening :( [noooooooooo]

So today I wanted to throwback to Fall semester of my freshman year!  Here are some of the highlights!

Julie and I were roommates freshman year!  We met on facebook through the class of 2013 group!  We were both business majors and neither of us are business majors now so I like to think of it as fate/ the best decision I ever made :P
My side of the dorm room!
Certain math classes are online and you have to go to the Math Emporium to take quizzes/ tests each week.  You basically teach yourself and then go to this soul-sucking room with about a billion giant Mac screens.  It was certainly not my favorite class.  My friend and I went to the empo together for the first quiz and took pictures with all the Hokie bird statues along the mall!
Having fun before my first math empo trip
Football is a HUGE deal here.  Freshmen can't buy season tickets so you have to enter a lottery.  I had quite a knack for getting free tickets even though I rarely won the lottery.  One of Julie's friends had an extra and gave it to me for the first game! Other times I would just get handed them?  It was great!
First football game!!
 We played Miami during a huge rainstorm... it was pouring the entire time and I didn't think it was possible the be that soaked.  My sweatshirt (under my poncho that ripped halfway through) was still wet 2 days later!  My shoes even had puddles in them!  My friend Kelly and I were so devoted that we stayed for the whole thing and luckily we ended up winning!  A lot of people rushed the field but we were up too high!

Kelly & I at the end of the Miami game
 We didn't "party" in high school, so it took us a while to go to our first party in college.  A bunch of the girls on our hall were going to a highlighter party at one of the frat houses.  We tagged along and it was really sketchy.  Like it was really dark and crowded, some drunk girl was stumbling around the basement drinking  from all the beer cans that were lying around and we were too scared to move from the corner we parked ourselves in.  We only stayed for a half hour.  It turns out it was just one of the sketchy fraternities, but we were definitely scarred by the experience.

Julie & I before our first party
 Most of the time we just stayed in and hung out with friends in our dorm.  One night we were sitting around and decided to make a tent between our lofted beds.  Best. idea. ever.
The night we decided to make a tent...
 It was so fun we decided to add another sheet and therefore had to create 'The Monument.'  This monument in the middle of our room was stacked keepers, our ironing board and our food boxes.  We surprisingly kept the tent up for months, but then our RA decided it could be a fire hazard and recommended we take it down.  Don't worry, the monument stayed there until we moved out. (maybe that's why Becky rarely came over?? :P)
The next day we decided to expand...
 For Halloween, Julie, Suzanne and I dressed up as 'single ladies' a la Beyonce, and Becky was black mail!  We went to a party at an apartment close to campus with Julie's (then) boyfriend and his friends but decided it was lame.  Becky's friend from high school picked us up and brought us to another.  We got to the other party and it was at a house and it felt like we were a hundred miles away from campus!  It was super crowded and it was getting cold outside but we finally got our way into the garage.  Some dudes were like fighting behind us and people were spilling drinks so we eventually decided we'd rather just leave.
Halloween (the scariest night of my life)
As we walked down the gravel driveway, some dude came out of the trees/ bushes with a CHAINSAW and ran at us!  We were all in heels and it was raining so we just screamed and tried to walk faster.  Then he came at us again and it was just terrifying.  The walk to finding the bus stop was dark and scary and I was expecting him to pop out again at any minute!  We finally found the bus stop and went back to campus where we all basically just kept going on and on about how scared we were for the rest of the night.  I think that's the last party we went to that semester...

Happy Friday Eve everyone!! :)


  1. Gosh we were such partiers. Wonder how we even made it through the first semester?? Hehe. Can we go back NOW?!?!?! I'll even come over more even though you have the tent/monument! Also, I'm pretty sure that first picture was taken on the first day you got settled because that is the cleanest I've ever seen it :P

  2. Aww your freshman year looks like it was a lot of fun with a few scary/sketchy experiences thrown in. But what would freshman year be without those??

    I love the dorm room fort! Lol

  3. Oh my goodness! I wouldn't think that there would be sketchy frats, but then again at University of Dayton one road of campus housing always has something going on with the police whenever there are a bunch of parties.

  4. This is great. We did have some wonderful party experiences freshman year. At least we learned a good shortcut from one of them?