Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Cozumel

Hey everyone!  Today I'm joining one of my favorite link-ups: Travel Tuesday!

Helene in Between

Sophomore year of high school, two of my best friends, one of their families and me all went to Cozumel, Mexico!  It was awesome!  We stayed in an all inclusive resort, which was very new to me.  We drank a lot of {non-alcoholic} pina coladas and daiquiris and ate nachos and cheeseburgers all day, it was heaven.

Unfortunately, a good 80% of my pictures of MySpace-style selfies.  Whoops.

1/2 of the view from our balcony

rest of the view!

we thought this was the coolest picture ever.
We went to a national park to swim with dolphins!  The day we had originally planned was cold and the water was too rough so they asked us to reschedule.  In the mean time, we hung out around the park and took pictures {again, mostly selfies}.

One of the days, my friend's mom rented a jeep and drove us all around the island to explore!  I think that was the highlight of the trip.  We went to a Bob Marley-inspired bar/ restaurant and wrote our names on the walls.  We also just got to see a lot more of the island than the resort.


The cruise ships came in right near our little resort beach, so that was pretty neat.  I think we spent most of our days here, which was TOTALLY fine with me!

All in all, Cozumel is gorgeous and I would LOVE to go back!


  1. what a gorgeous view!! looks like such a fun trip!

  2. What a view from your balcony! Ever tropical vacation should have a view like that in my opinion!

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  3. Gorgeous views and beaches! I need to book a beach vacay asap.

  4. I went to Cozumel my freshman year of college for my cousin's wedding! I loved how you could drive the whole island in one day and of course hanging out at Senor Frogs!

    We also rented a jeep and they (the locals) were so funny! They told us "if you crash it, nooooo proooblem, we take care of it" (imagine this in a Mexican accent). We didn't crash it, but we did take it off roading.