Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend recap - HALF MARATHON!

I'd like to start this post by saying: WE DID IT!!! This post is probably going to be pretty long, but basically we finished our half marathon in approximately 2:12, so just a little over a 10 min/ mile pace!  And we raised over $600 for Alex's Lemonade Stand!

We left for Waynesboro on Friday afternoon.  It's about a 2 hour drive so we got a hotel room so we wouldn't have to leave by 5am.
getting excited!
We did get stuck in pretty bad traffic for ~4 miles due to an accident, but we still had fun sitting there!  Julie & I bought these giant water jugs to make sure we'd have plenty of water to drink on Friday.
Hydrating while stuck in traffic
The trip took a little longer than anticipated, but we finally got to Waynesboro!  First we stopped at packet pickup.  It was very exciting to get our shirts and bibs... it was finally almost starting to feel real!  After that, we headed to the hotel we were staying at to check in and drop our stuff off before heading to dinner.
almost there!
We decided to get McAlister's deli sandwiches for dinner which was a good choice!  I got grilled chicken and swiss on a croissant with chips - not sure if that's ideal pre-race food but it worked fine!

The restaurant was right near Target so we obviously had to stop and get some snacks.  Then we just headed back to the hotel where we relaxed, painted our nails blue & yellow for Boston and watched tv. I think I was asleep by 10:30 or so surprisingly, however 5am came REALLY fast.

The race started at 7, but we got there by 6:15.  It was really cold at first so my hands were pretty much numb the first 2 miles until I got warmed up.  The course description said there would be "gently rolling hills" which I guess is a pretty subjective thing but for whatever reason we thought it would be fairly flat.  Except it wasn't.  Luckily, the hills were gentle, there was just a lot of them.  However, training at school worked to our advantage since the hills here are not so gentle and we're at higher elevations.  There were a few times I had to remind myself that I trained for this and there was no reason why I wouldn't be able to do it!  And I'd also try to keep reminding myself that for every uphill, there's a downhill :P

Course Elevation
It was a really beautiful course so luckily it kept me distracted for the most part.  The views of the fields, mountains and streams were gorgeous - plus there were plenty of houses that I wouldn't mind living in.  I decided spectators are the best thing ever, their enthusiasm really is contagious!  There was a group of children giving hi-5's and a few funny signs (like around mile 9 or 10, a woman had a sign that said "you can't quit, you're not the Pope") and a few people even yelled "Go Hokies!" to us :)

My Garmin claims that we held exactly a 10 min/ mile pace, and I forgot to turn it off until about a minute after we finished.  Our unofficial time was 2:09 vs our chip time of 2:12... not bad either way!  My Gamin also kept me entertained because I think I started it late so every time we'd pass a mile marker, it would wait about 20 seconds to catch up and beep so every mile I'd laugh a little bit.

Overall, it was a fun race!  I know that I'm forgetting tons of stuff but I'm sure Becky has it covered!

Beckys' mom, Karl and dogs were waiting for us at the finish line as well as their sweetest friend ever, Ellie!  We cooled down and took some pictures and then Becky, Julie, Ellie and I went to Cracker Barrel to re-fuel!  I think that was the best decision we've ever made.  I don't think I ever finished pancakes so fast in my life.  After we got back home and showered, we went to the running store to buy some 13.1 stickers for our cars!

For dinner, we decided it was appropriate to get Benny's pizza!  Their slices are HUGE as you can see, and delicious!  I can't believe we waited this long to cross it off our bucket list!

It's weird to think there's no training plan for today.  I think I'm going to have to get used to the idea of running for however long I want again :P

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! :)


  1. We did it we did it we did it!!!!! :) I wish it would stop raining so we could put our stickers on our cars already!!

  2. awesome! :P looks like good fun!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! Looks like a good weekend.

  4. Oh my gosh congrats! You totally deserved that pizza slice. Have fun running for fun :)

  5. Congratulations!! Great job on your race and I loved reading the recap. It looks like y'all had a great time! Sooo...... whens the next one??? :-)

  6. Congrats!! Amazing job, and that's a super impressive time!! If/when I ever run a half, my "secret" goal would be to finish at about a 10 min/mile pace. Someday!

  7. I am just now seeing this, and I loved reading your recap! Congrats on finishing your first half-marathon!